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The American Standard HVAC

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Garry, O

This company was great. The service was exceptional and the workers are amazing.

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Randy, B

Perfect Efficiency installed a dusted central air system in my vacation home. The owner Tony explained my different options and I decided to go with Bosch heat pump & condenser. The installation was so neat, the team was professional, they cleaned up well after the job and the system works perfectly. These guys really know their trade! Best yet I am able to remotely control the system from anywhere. Now I just enjoy the luxury and savings of this new system! Thanks Perfect Efficiency!

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Lana, M

Just moved into a new apartment and had my own furnace/heating system for the first time. I realized soon the furnace smelled funny and upon looking at it closer, it had no filter. As silly as it sounded, I was nervous to put the filter in myself. I messaged different businesses looking for a quote, when I messaged Perfect Efficiency, the owner immediately gave him his cell phone number and encouraged me to change the filter myself and was walking me through it so I wouldn't have to pay. I was so grateful and impressed that he took time out of his day to do that for me and for free. It is very rare to come across such kind and genuine people. I will definitely only use this company for my furnace needs.

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