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Perfect Efficiency's commercial HVAC repair service technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience providing  worry-free resolutions to all commercial HVAC issues.

We have top of the line by resources, highly experienced engineers, consultants and designers.  Perfect Efficiency provides the "Disney Experience" our professional staff will arrive in uniform and provide proper identification to ensure the safety of  the work space and all occupants. We adhere to all CDC guidelines in accordance with Coivid-19 protocols. We strive on keeping our employees safe and most importantly our clientele.


Trust that Perfect Efficiency is the best Commercial HVAC Repair Service in NYC. When you need us, we will always be there.


When you’re renovating an existing space, the heating, cooling and ventilation needs to be redesigned to meet the new design, layout and building materials used in the new space.


It may also need to accommodate the special requirements common in luxury properties, including humidification, air purification systems.


Perfect Efficiency HVAC design expertise is unrivaled in the NYC Metro Area, and we’ll help you select the correct type and size equipment for the needs of the homeowner.



System Upgrades

Service & REPAIRS

Discovering that your HVAC system is malfunctioning can be enough to send you into a panic. Resolving this issue does not have to be a problem that sends you into a frenzy. Leave it to your local professionals at Perfect Efficiency to save the day and your wallet!


No job is too big or small for us to handle! Reach out to our team today to learn more about our HVAC services.



I was born in 1984 in Georgetown Guyana to a seamstress and a field worker for the sugar Corp guysuco. I am the oldest of five and grew up with a grandmother who thought me how to work hard and to take pride in everything I do she thought me to do it right the first time and I have lived my life striving to be the best at everything I do I went to st Joseph’s high school and graduated with honors I had dreams of becoming a pilot so I went to aeronautical engineering school teaching me about the mechanics of an entire plane.


I applied for a student visa to attend flight school in Toronto Canada and then September 11 2001 happened halting all student visas especially for flight school. In 2002 I immigrated on my own to New York City followed later by my mother and two youngest siblings we started from the very bottom especially being an undocumented immigrants in this country my two other brothers joined us within the year and at the age of 17 I was thrust into role of being the breadwinner for my family along with my mom I did many odd and end jobs including construction just so we could make our ends meet. In 2004 I started working on coloring towers working 16 hour shifts at a time unfortunately the company made cutbacks and I was let go starting at square one again.


In 2005  was offered a job doing residential HVAC I took the job searching for stability in my life. I was trained by one of the greatest mentors in life both on and off the field. I was taught so much about residential HVAC and so much about the type of boss I would be because I truly had one of the best. In 2007 I was offered a job at PJ mechanical and a chance to be in a union.


At PH I learned an immense amount about commercial HVAC working on accounts for very large names At the age of 23 it seemed like I was finally finding my place in life I had a stable job and had gotten married. After ten years of marriage and two kids and ten years at PJ I decided it was time for another chapter in my life.


I was ready to become a a business owner and so the birth of perfect efficiency happened in 2018. I believe my whole life has been preparing me for this role in life from my early days with grandmother in Guyana to all the different sectors of working in the HVAC field along with growing a family I believe that this chapter in my life is going to be the best one yet. I bring all of my life experiences in to running this company which is being hardworking taking pride in all that I do


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